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1. 2.3. Assessment  Assessment task Weighting Due date* Closing date* 1. Essay 20% 23/09/2010 - Midday 21/10/2010 - Midday 2. Mid-Semester Exam 15% 07/09/2010 07/09/2010 3. Final Exam 65% Exam period Date of exam 4. Academic Honesty Module # 0% Week 4 N/A Total 100% * The closing date is the date beyond which an assessment cannot be accepted for marking # Students must complete the academic honesty module in Blackboard with a mark above 80%, or an Absent Fail (AF) grade will be given for the entire unit. Students can complete the module multiple times until this grade is achieved. Students who completed the module with a score of 80% or above last semester do not need to do it again. Minimum Requirements for the Successful Completion of the Course: - Undertake both the mid-semester and final exams - Submit the essay 2. 2.4. Assessment details   Criteria for the overall assessment and your final total grade for the course
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Unformatted text preview: PASS – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of facts and principles. Be able to apply concepts and principles in new situations. CREDIT –All criteria for a pass in course. Plus: Demonstrate analytical skills, that is, be able to distinguish, classify and relate the assumptions, hypotheses, evidence, or structure of statements and questions within the framework of the subject matter. DISTINCTION – All criteria for a credit. Plus: Demonstrate the ability to originate, integrate and combine ideas into work that constructs a unique view of the subject matter. HIGH DISTINCTION – All criteria for a distinction. Plus: Students show the ability to appraise, assess or critique ideas and evidence in the subject area using reasoned judgment against articulated standards....
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