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Economic Development CAS EC 320 Problem Set 2 February 25, 2010 1. Draw and explain a Lorenz curve. What is a Gini coefficient? [6 points] 2. Explain the following poverty measures [9 points] a. Headcount b. Incidence c. Poverty gap (draw diagram and give formula) 3. Does economic growth reduce poverty (draw diagram)? When does growth not reduce poverty? [5 points] 4. Does economic growth reduce inequality (draw diagram)? [6 points] 5. Does high inequality reduce economic growth? [6 points] 6. What is the total fertility rate? How is it measured? What is the TFP for your country? [6 points] 7. What is the demographic transition? Use a diagram to show its 3 stages. [12 points] 8. What is Malthus' theory of population and economic growth?
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Unformatted text preview: What are modern or neo-Malthusians? [10 points] 9. Draw and explain age pyramids for [12 points] a. A country with a high birth rate and a low death rate b. Another country with a low birth rate and a low death rate c. A country that had a high birth rate until 25 years ago and now has a low one. d. How does the rapid decrease in the birth rate increase per capita income growth? 10. Why do birth rates decline with economic development? [10 points] 11. Do high birth rates reduce economic growth? [8 points] 12. What can governments in developing countries do to lower birth rates? [10 points]...
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