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Boston University, Department of Economics EC 414: Introduction to Econometrics Spring 2010 Problem Set 3 (Due: Monday, March 29) 1. (50 points) Textbook Ex. 10.1 2. (20 points) Textbook Ex. 10.7 3. (30 points + 5 bonus points) Replicate columns 5 and 7 of Table 10.1 in Chapter 10 of the textbook in Stata (it is the same as table at the end of the slideshow). You need to provide a printout of the log-file as well as the neatly presented end-result table (in similar format
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Unformatted text preview: to the textbook, not just what outreg2 spits out!). For bonus credit (5 points applied to this or previous problem set grade(s)), attempt to replicate Column 6 of the same table (hint: one way to create the combined jail/community service variable is to use the replace command)....
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