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Boston University, Department of Economics EC 414: Introduction to Econometrics Spring 2010 Problem Set 4 (Due: Friday, April 16) 1. (50 points) Textbook Empirical exercise E12.1 2. (50 points) Textbook Empirical exercise E11.1 . For part (f), estimate a probit with the same specification as the LPM regression in (c). Then look at the coefficients on age variables. To show the relationship, save fitted values of probit (use ‘predict’, same as
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Unformatted text preview: with reg), then keep only observations on age 18-65, non-black, non-hispanic, male, college grad etc. Use keep with logical operators if and &. For example, if I want to only keep the observations on black males under 45 who are high-school dropouts I would type: keep if black==1 & age<=45 & hsdrop==1...
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