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1/27/10 Annotated Transcription of Lecture. 1 (ppt Clicker Question): Philosophically, from which perspective do you answer the question, What is Life? Based on what you’ve learned so far, why are any of the following choices acceptable answers??? While studying, think about how this question reflects on the theme for today’s lecture. NOTE: this is a thought-provoking question; there is no “right” answer. A) 100% materialist, human beings are nothing more than a complicated arrangement of atoms held together by electromagnetic forces B) Leaning toward materialism C) Agnostic D) leaning toward vitalism [Randy leans towards this choice] E) 100% vitalist, in addition to atoms, human beings contain a vital force, sprit or soul. FYI: If you are having trouble with your i<clicker contact our “i<clicker TA” [Sabrina – see blackboard fro her email OR contact her before or after class – she sit by the second projector/ computer in the front of the class]. From this point on, each lecture will begin by reminding you of the main points covered during the last lecture, and those that will be highlighted during today’s lecture. (ppt) Main points you should know from the last lecture : What is Life? Vitalism and Materialism Emergent Properties [e.g. salinity or vitality that come out of lesser levels of organization] Biotechnology Outline for today’s lecture : What is the nature of the science of nature? The importance of curiosity and luck in making new Discoveries - the importance of curiosity & luck The Fermi Solution (the power of numbers and dimensional analysis) The freedom to doubt – very important to scientific pursuits
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1/27/10 Annotated Transcription of Lecture. 2 ( ppt Series ) Human Dilemma…. What do we really need? Ancient dilemma This dilemma has inspired great discoveries Science is driven by the pursuit of discoveries to try to satisfy the human dilemma Explorers in science have given us healthier lives – this pursuit will be a foundation for BioG 1110 [you will follow the path of discovery]. (ppt ) Scientific discoveries have given us better lives This course will examine how these arose following historic discoveries in science (ppt) What is civilization and why does it make us feel secure? This begins a series of ppt slides reflecting on people from various disciplines that have helped to shape civilization. Science is but one frontier of civilization. One of the goals of this course is to help you ALL realize that these different frontiers are intertwined and thus, no matter what your field of study, knowledge of science and scientific reasoning will help you to succeed. (ppt)
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Jan27LecNotes - Annotated Transcription of Lecture(ppt...

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