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erwin chargaff dna is complicated enough to erwin

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Unformatted text preview: in this highrespect to the proteins, and that the determination of their structures and their structural differences would require the development of methods suitable for the precise analysis of all constituents of nucleic acids prepared from a large number of different cell types." Erwin Chargaff: DNA is Complicated Enough to Erwin Carry Hereditary Information I cannot stress enough how important it cannot was to approach DNA from the mind set that it may be a complicated, information containing molecule. Chargaff showed that contrary to the Chargaff prediction of the tetranucleotide hypothesis, A, G, C and T were not present in equimolar amounts in DNA, and the proportions of nucleotides differed in the DNA from different species. Chargaff (1950) further observed, "It is, Chargaff "It however, noteworthy...that in all the deoxypentose nucleic acids examined thus far the molar ratios of total purines to total pyrimidines, and also of adenine to pyrimidines, thymine and of guanin...
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