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Ah estabrook of the eugenics ah estabrook record

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Unformatted text preview: , wheats, and wheats, cottons so may we hope to do with man.” man.” Criminality is a Hereditable Dysgenic Trait According to Davenport (1911), According poverty is a bad genetic poverty (dysgenic) hereditable trait. Richard Dugdale (1877), a Richard sociologist, did a study on the “Jukes”, a clan from the Hudson Jukes” Valley of 700 criminals, prostitutes, and paupers descended from "Margaret, the Mother of Criminals.” Criminals.” A.H. Estabrook, of the Eugenics A.H. Estabrook, Record Office, continued to study the “Jukes” (1915) and found Jukes” unrelenting hereditary evidence that criminality was a dysgenic trait. criminality was dysgenic Feeblemindedness is a Hereditable Dysgenic Trait By studying the “Kallikaks”, By Kallikaks” Henry H. Goddard also found unrelenting hereditary evidence that feeblemindedness was also feeblemindedness a hereditable dysgenic trait. dysgenic The dysgenic gene entered The dysgenic the family when Martin Kallikak Sr., a Revolutionary War hero had a tryst with a barmaid who carried the feebleminded gene. From then on, feeblemindedness ran in that line in the Kallikak family. The Kallikaks Eugenicists Realized that Dysgenic Traits Can Enter the Population through Immigration According to Charles Davenport, Jewish According Immigrants Are Bringing these Bad Traits to America “There is no quest...
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