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American eugenics influenced adolf hitler in a letter

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Unformatted text preview: ians in public insane asylums was greater than public their proportion in the population, these immigrants has inferior genes. He neglected to consider the possibility that the He immigrants were in the public institutions because they were not wealthy enough to be in the private asylums along with the insane long-time Americans. longWhen testifying as an expert witness to the When committee that crafted the Immigration Act of 1924, Immigration Laughlin recommended that the US return to the same racial composition as that which existed in 1890, before there was a large influx of immigrants. American Eugenics Influenced Adolf Hitler In a letter to Madison Grant, Hitler thanked him for writing “The Passing of the Great Race” and said that "the book was his Bible." In 1936, Laughlin was awarded an honorary doctorate of medicine from the University of Heidelberg, the intellectual seat of the Nazi regime. The Admiration was Mutual The The Nazi’s Eliminated Dysgenic Traits Nazi’ in the Gas Chamber Emergency Repeal of the Immigration Act of 1924? In 1934, Congress was considerin...
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