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Unformatted text preview: ble for degradation studies, but degradation would not allow them to isolate the native molecule, and to reconstruct correctly the structure of the nucleic acids. Anatomists have the Anatomists advantage of knowing a priori that their tissue slices priori come from a complex organism. Limits to the Reductionist Perspective of Chemists The organic chemists did not The even consider the possibility that nucleic acids were complex self-perpetuating complex selfinformation bearing molecules. In fact, due to the high number In of acidic groups, the nucleic acids were naively considered by chemists to act as pH pH buffers in the nucleus. The organic chemists did not The recognize the Idols of the Idols Tribe/Cave. Only Two Kinds of Nucleic Acids The nucleic acids seemed to be relatively simple molecules. Consequently, the approach used to isolate nucleic acids, followed the approach used to isolate other simple materials, and work focused on isolating nucleic acids from a few convenient sources. There was one odd fact though: The nucleic acids of plants seemed to be composed of ribonucleosides while those of...
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