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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

By chemical actions he breaks the system down into

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Unformatted text preview: 3 or methyl group.” “To determine the structure of the molecule the chemist proceeds in a similar way to the anatomist. By chemical actions he breaks the system down into its components and continues with this division until familiar substances emerge [and] the structure of the original system can be inferred from the decomposition products. Usually…the structure will only be finally elucidated by the reverse method, by building up the molecule from the decomposition products or similar substances, i.e. by what is termed synthesis [and] it has become possible to synthesize them all from the inexpensive uric acid….” “Among the purine substances there are two valued drugs, caffeine and theobromine, which so far had to be prepared by extraction from tea and cocoa…. Now that these drugs can be made synthetically from inexpensive uric acid the mind readily turns to exploiting the synthesis on an industrial scale….” “It is even possible to produce the true aroma of coffee or tea artificiall...
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