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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

Calf thymus and x ray diffraction xpattern of calf

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Unformatted text preview: e to cytosine, were not far from 1." Rosalind Franklin and X-ray XDiffraction While Chargaff was working on the chemical nature of DNA and finding that each individual has different DNA molecules, Rosalind Franklin was Rosalind using X-ray diffraction to Xdetermine the physical structure of DNA. Calf Thymus and X-ray Diffraction XPattern of Calf Thymus DNA Quantum Mechanical Model of DNA At the same time Linus Pauling At Linus and Robert Corey (1953) were working on the structure of DNA from the perspective of theoretical physics. They had already been They successful in applying the concepts of quantum quantum mechanics and the importance of hydrogen bonding to hydrogen determine the structure of structure proteins. They were now utilizing this They same approach to deduce the structure of DNA. structure Linus Pauling (December 31,1952) “The nucleic acids, as constituents of living organisms, are comparable in importance to the proteins. There is evidence that they are involved in the processes of...
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