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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

Dna as the genetic material there was little reason

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Unformatted text preview: r different kinds of nucleotides are distributed simply at random.“ A nonuniform arrangement nonuniform of nucleotides would be necessary if the nucleic acids were to function as the genetic material. DNA as the Genetic Material? There was little reason to There even think that nucleic acid was the genetic material based on studies by organic chemists. In fact, Wendell Stanley In (1935) thought that he thought crystallized the hereditary component of the tobacco mosaic virus when he crystallized its protein. protein He won the Nobel Prize He for it too! Feulgen Stain Shows Plants Also Have DNA But, cytologists were obtaining data that But, conflicted with those of the organic chemists. Using a stain now known as Feulgen’s reagent, Feulgen (1924) Feulgen’ discovered that DNA occurred in the nuclei of plants and animals, and not just in those of animal cells. He wrote: “This gave us great surprise, for the nuclei of the wheat embryo gave the nucleal reaction more intensively than we have ever seen in any animal tissues…. The old dualism of yeast tissues… The and thymonucleic acids is thus set aside....” aside....” DNA Content of Nuclei in a Given DNA Organism i...
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