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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

Emil fischer 1902 p urine emil currently the name

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Unformatted text preview: enous bases of DNA and inject it in people to induce desired genetic traits? Emil Fischer (1902) P-urine Emil “Currently the name "purines" is a generic term for a large class of nitrogenous organic compounds, some being certain animal excretions and others the active constituents of important stimulating beverages. The oldest member of the group is known by the rather unattractive name of uric acid and was discovered…as a constituent of… urine. …the enlightened farmer knows it to be a valuable constituent of guano.” “To this end I would ask you to glance at the accompanying set of formulae....” “It will readily be seen on comparing these formulae that they contain a common atomic group, a nucleus as it is called and which I have termed the purine nucleus.” “The simplest combination of this skeleton is …purine…., Replacing a hydrogen atom in purine by the amide NH, forms adenine, and if a further oxygen atom is added, the result is guanine. Lastly, the nitrogen atoms in vegetable products are also linked with the CH...
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