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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

For the genetic dice will continue to inflict cruel

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Unformatted text preview: ntitled, “Values from a Chicago Upbringing”, Watson (1995) wrote Upbringing” of the importance of the human genome project and eugenics: “But diabolical as Hitler was, and I don’t want to minimize the evil don’ he perpetuated using false genetic arguments, we should not be held in hostage to his awful past. For the genetic dice will continue to inflict cruel fates on all too many individuals and their families who do not deserve this damnation. Decency demands that someone must rescue them from genetic hells. If we don’t don’ play God, who will?” will?” Using DNA to Better Society • James Watson published a model of the structure of DNA based on what could be considered to be an unscrupulous use of someone else’s data and was awarded else’ the Nobel Prize for it. • He is interested in making making society better by playing playing God. • He said that Africans are less intelligent than Westerners. Because of this statement, he is now the former Chancellor former of Cold Spring Harbor Cold Laborator...
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