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However the idea that ones one identity could have a

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Unformatted text preview: een members of a group. • However, the idea that one’s one’ identity could have a chemical basis was beyond chemical belief and the note was rejected by the journal. rejected Visualizing Cell Reproduction • About the same time, Eduard Flemming and others stained cells and watched how the colored material (chromatin) in the nucleus split into many bodies. • They saw that the nucleus went through a complicated process (mitosis) to divide the chromosomes in such a way that each somatic cell had not only the same number of chromosomes, but identical copies of the chromosomes. Visualizing Cell Reproduction • During the formation of gametes, a special division (meiosis) occurred, which resulted in a halving (haploid) of the number of chromosomes. During fertilization, the diploid fertilization diploid number of number chromosomes was chromosomes restored. • This led to the idea that the chromosomes contained the selfselfperpetuating particulate information necessary to build an organism. Inheritance: The Phys...
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