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Nature via nurture the distinction between genes the

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Unformatted text preview: the contrary, are not directly inherited.” inherited.” The Sequence of DNA The • As we will discuss next time, the sequence of the base pairs of DNA determines the sequence of amino acids in proteins. • Clever techniques have been devised by Walter Gilbert (1981) and Frederick Sanger (1981) to determine the sequence of bases in DNA. Walter Gilbert is a Reductionist “…that when we have the complete sequence of the human genome, we will know what it is to be human”. Can A Human Being Be Reduced to His/Her DNA Sequence? • What determines our human nature? • Is our DNA sequence a part of our human nature, and if so, how big a part? • How does gene doping affect our human nature or our inhuman nature? Nature via Nurture The distinction between genes The and environment is a false false dichotomy. Many genes are affected by the environment. Genes may play a larger role than Genes environment in eye, hair and skin color, number of fingers and toes, the formation of the intestines and pancreas and the enzymes in them. Genes also play a large role in the Genes forma...
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