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That marriage should still be only an that experiment

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Unformatted text preview: s. Now marriage can be and is looked at from many points of view. In novels, as the climax of human courtship; in law, largely as a union of two lines of property-descent; propertyin society, as fixing a certain status; but in eugenics, which considers its biological aspect, marriage is an experiment in breeding; and the marriage children, in their varied combinations of characters, give the result of the experiment. That marriage should still be only an That experiment in breeding, while the breeding of many animals and plants has been reduced to a science, is ground for reproach.” reproach.” Look at Humans the Way we Look at GuineaLook GuineaPigs, Chicken, Wheat and Cotton “Surely the human product is superior to that of poultry; and as we may now predict with precision the characters of the offspring of a particular pair of pedigreed poultry so may it sometime be with man. As we now know how to make almost any desired combination of the characters of guinea-pigs, guineachickens...
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