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The layman usually receives with skepticism such

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Unformatted text preview: y, too, by synthesis; with the exercise of a little imagination the day can be foreseen when beans will no longer be required to make good coffee….The layman usually receives with skepticism such prophecies by the chemist and in this specific instance his skepticism will not be weakened by the knowledge that a constituent of guano would be used to prepare the synthetic drink.” “In our age, however, such prejudices on the part of the public do not normally persist for very long. Who, nowadays, still considers that the magnificent dyes colouring our garments and furnishings are derived from unsightly coal tar, or that sweet-tasting saccharin is prepared from the same material? The point is that chemical transformations are so thorough that the end-product retains nothing at all of the properties of the original substance. The manufacture of caffeine from uric acid is therefore nothing worse than the processes which occur when manure used to nourish plants is converted into appetizing fruits or into wonderfully scent...
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