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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

Twinkies a partially synthesized food twinkies

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Unformatted text preview: ed flowers.” Who is going to Tell her that the Tree Who Converted Manure into Apples? Who is going to Tell her that the Bush Converted Manure into Roses? Twinkies: A Partially Synthesized Food Twinkies contain flour, sugar, salt, Twinkies baking soda, water and a trace of egg. THE FILLING also includes THE Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is Partially the main ingredient. Polysorbate 60 is a gooey substance that Polysorbate helps replace cream and eggs and is derived from corn, palm oil and petroleum. Cellulose gum gives the crème filling a Cellulose crè smooth, slippery feel. Artificial vanillin is synthesized in Artificial petrochemical plants. THE CAKE also includes THE Lecithin is an emulsifier made from soy. Lecithin Diacetyl mimics the taste of butter. Diacetyl Yellow No. 5, Red No. 40 give the cake Yellow the golden look of eggs. Sorbic acid, the only actual preservative Sorbic the in Twinkies, comes from petroleum. Synthesizing Genes The possibility of testing the hypothesis that nucleic acids were the genetic material seemed possible to Emil Fischer (1914)....
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