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And cricks crick heads just like athena sprung from

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Unformatted text preview: High School The Double Helix: Berkeley California The Double Helix: Perth, Western Australia The Double Helix: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory The Double Helix: Davis California Athena Arose from the Head of Zeus From reading their 1953 paper, it would seem that the double helix sprung out of Watson and Crick’s Crick’ heads just like Athena sprung from the head of Zeus. Indeed it even seems like the whole field of molecular biology started with the publication of their paper. I hope that I have shown, that this discovery like many other discoveries in biology involve the the work of many people. Unlike other discoveries, this one has stimulated many people involved in the discovery to question the ethics of James Watson. The Human Genome Project Watson is a man who contemplates ethical issues himself. He helped launch the human genome human project, a large-scale largeinitiative, involved in sequencing the entire human genome, in order to better the human condition. The use of genetics to better the human condition is known as eugenics. eugenics Indiana Eugenics In an autobiographical article e...
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