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Character the character of a nation the harry

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Unformatted text preview: nt than environment. This movement…proves movement… that environment and in the case of man education have an immediate, apparent and temporary influence, while heredity has a deep, subtle and permanent influence on the actions of man.” man.” Henry Fairfield Osborn “What is the greatest danger which threatens the American republic totoday?...The gradual dying out among our people of those hereditary traits through which the principles of our religious, political and social foundations were laid down and their insidious replacement by traits of less noble character.” character.” The Character of a Nation…. The Harry Laughlin, the Director of the Eugenics Record Office, testified to the Congressional Committee on Immigration and Naturalization in 1922, “The character of a nation is determined primarily by its racial qualities; that is, by the hereditary physical, mental and moral or temperamental traits of its people.” people.” Return the US to the Racial Composition Prior to 1890 Because the proportion of Russians, Jews and Because Ital...
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