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Country immigrants will change the population of

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Unformatted text preview: ion that, taken as a whole, the hordes of Jews that are now coming to us from Russia and the extreme southeast of Europe, with their intense individualism and ideals of gain at the cost of any interest, represent the opposite extreme from the early English and the more recent Scandinavian immigration with their ideals of community life in the open country, advancement by the sweat of the brow, and the uprearing of families in the fear of God and the love of country.” country.” Immigrants Will Change the Population of America for the Worse “…it appears certain that, unless “…it conditions change of themselves or are radically changed, the population of the United States will, on the account of the great influx of blood from South-eastern Europe, rapidly Southbecome darker in pigmentation…. pigmentation… Since of the insane in [public] insane hospitals there are relatively more relatively foreign-born than native it seems foreignprobable that, under present conditions, the ratio of insanity in the population will rapidly increase.” increase.” Books About Immigrant Scientists Who Were Not Insane, Including Einstein, Fermi, Bethe, Salpeter, Haber, Krebs, Djerassi Sal...
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