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Environment there is not often a one to one one

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Unformatted text preview: h related to the first ancestral gene. ancestral The ancestral gene probably The followed a “repeat and vary” theme, which allowed a new gene to accumulate mutations in a selectively-neutral manner until it selectivelyfulfilled a new selectable function. In this way, the ancestral gene has In survived in many forms throughout the genome of an organism and throughout the evolution of life. Genes vs. Traits (Phenotypic Characters) Genes • While some traits depend exclusively on the nucleotide sequence of a single gene, the majority of traits depend on many factors, including the genetic background in which the genetic gene is expressed and the environment. environment • There is not often a one-to-one one- tocorrespondence between a “gene” sequence gene” and a trait. • As we have already seen, there is not a simple relationship between genes (e.g. sry) sry) and traits (male or female). • According to Charles Davenport, “…nothing is “…nothing inherited except the determiners in the germ cells; the characters themselves, on...
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