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Neumococci pneumococci and pneumonia smooth bacteria

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Unformatted text preview: at when mice were injected with virulent pneumococci virulent (smooth) that had been heat killed, along with live live avirulent pneumococci (rough), the mice died of pneumonia and their blood pneumonia contained living virulent pneumococci. neumococci. Pneumococci and Pneumonia Smooth bacteria kill mice. They are virulent. Smooth Rough bacteria do not. They are avirulent. Rough avirulent. Heat-killed Heatsmooth (virulent) smooth bacteria do not kill mice. Transformation Something from virulent Something bacteria transforms transforms avirulent bacteria and avirulent makes them virulent. Dawson and Sia (1931) Dawson found that the transformation of avirulent transformation to virulent pneumatococci could also take place in a test tube outside of a mouse. Live rough Live rough (avirulent) avirulent) bacteria and dead smooth smooth (virulent) bacteria mixed together do kill mice. Heredity: A Transfer of Genetic Material Avery et al. (1944) interpreted all of these results to mean that there was a transfer of genetic material between transfer the virulent and avirulent bacte...
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