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Unformatted text preview: peter, Davenport’s Recommendation “If increasing attention is paid to the selective elimination at our ports of entry of the actually undesirable (those with a given germ plasm that has imbecile, epileptic, insane, criminalistic, criminalistic, alcoholic, and sexually immoral tendencies); if agents in Europe learn the family history of all applicants for naturalization;… naturalization;… then we may expect to see our population not harmed but improved by this mixture with a more mercurial people.” people.” The Great Race According to Madison Grant, a According trustee of the American Museum of Natural History, the Nordic, Germanic and white Anglo-Saxon Protestants had Anglothe best genes or eugenes best eugenes since they could tolerate the cold climates of the North. By extension, people from By warmer climates, who had only entered the colder climates to get jobs created by the brilliant creators of the industrial revolution, had inferior genes...
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