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3-12-10 DNA-1-color

Rex finis americae americae henry fairfield osborn in

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Unformatted text preview: inferior (dysgenes). New York Times October 22, 1913 New York Times February 27, 1914 Madison Grant: Author of “The Passing of the Great Race” Race” “The days of the Civil War and the provincial sentimentalism which governed or misgoverned our public opinion are past, and this generation must completely repudiate the proud boast of our fathers that they acknowledged no distinction in ‘race, creed, or color,’ or else the native color,’ American must turn the page of history and write: Osborn (1905) Discovered T. rex ‘FINIS AMERICAE’” AMERICAE’” Henry Fairfield Osborn: In the Preface to The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant “…the author…has turned this historical sketch “…the author… into the current of a great biological movement, biological which may be traced back to the teachings of Galton and Weismann….This movement has Weismann… compelled us to recognize the superior force and superior stability of heredity, as being more enduring and pote...
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