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Unformatted text preview: person. www.dna11.com Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Resources www.dnalc.org/resources/animations Maupertuis (1753) Postulated that the Maupertuis Hereditary Material is Particulate Robert Brown Serendipitously Discovered the Nucleus in 1831 while Studying Pollination “If there are, in each of the seminal seeds, particles particles …this would lead to the formation of the fetus.” fetus.” Nuclei in Orchid Epidermis Taken with Brown’s Microscope Brown’ Mathias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann: Promoters of the Cell Theory Matthias Schleiden (1838) Matthias speculated that the nucleus was important for the formation of cells in plants. Schleiden’s idea attracted Schleiden’ the attention of a zoologist named Theodor Schwann who promoted the idea promoted that the nucleus was as important in determining the development and morphology of animals as it was in plants. The Nucleus Is Present in All Cells The fact that a nucleus is present in all plant and animal cells was not obvious until Theodor Hartig (1854) and Lord Osborne (1857) developed a stain made of carmine, which comes from the crushed bodies of Mex...
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