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Year who is the invalid now to charles b davenport

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Unformatted text preview: one-half billion, probably oneabout 50 million children are born each year….It is a reproach to our year… intelligence that we as a people, proud in other respects of our proud control of nature, should have to support about half a million insane, feeble-minded, epileptic, blind and feebledeaf, 80,000 prisoners and 100,000 paupers at a cost of over 100 million dollars a year.” year.” Who is the Invalid Now? To Charles B. Davenport, Diversity Provides the Basis for Improving the Human Harvest “When we look among our acquaintances we are struck by their diversity in diversity physical, mental, and moral traits.” traits.” Diversity Provides the Basis for Improving the Human Harvest “It is just the fact of diversity of characteristics of people that gives basis for the belief in the practicability of improving the qualities of the ‘human harvest’….The element of harvest’…. inheritance is not the individual as a whole or even, in many cases, the traits as they are commonly recognized but, on the contrary, certain unit characters. What are, indeed, units and what are complexes it is not always easy to determine and it can be determined only by the results of breeding.” breeding.” Marriage is an Experiment in Human Breeding “To get at the facts it is necessary to study the progeny of human marriage...
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