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clicker questions prelim 2

clicker questions prelim 2 - C the climax of human...

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The sperm fertilizes the “egg” in the _________. A) vagina B) ovary C) uterus D) Fallopian tube E) small intestine In the developing embryo, the Fallopian tubes, uterus and upper vagina develop from the _______. A) ovaries B) Wolffian ducts C) Mullerian ducts D) Freudian ducts E) labioscrotal swelling According to eugenics , marriage is defined as _____________. A) a union of two lines of property-descent B) an experiment in breeding
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Unformatted text preview: C) the climax of human courtship and love D) a way of fixing a certain status E) a necessity for farming _____ is the process in which RNA is synthesized and _____ is the process in which protein is synthesized. A) Translation, transcription B) Translation, transfection C) Transcription, translation D) Transliteration, translation E) Transnucleation, transformation...
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