Problem Set 1 F10 (2)

Problem Set 1 F10 (2) - Name_ Fill in the blank style...

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Name _________________________________ 1 Fill in the blank style questions 1. (2 pts) Two major types of microscopy covered in your discussion section are _________________ microscopy, which has a resolution of 0.1 nanometers, and ___________________ microscopy, which can be used to view the distribution of specific cellular proteins. 2. (2 pts) Lipids that are modified by carbohydrate on the inside of the ER membrane are called ________________________. After transport to the plasma membrane these lipid molecules are located specifically on the _____________________ leaflet of the membrane. 3. (2 pts) You have isolated a mutant cell line that exhibits phosphatidylserine on both the outer and inner leaflets of the plasma membrane. What sort of protein might be defective in these cells? ____________________________________________. 4. (2 pts) Draw a circle around the glycerol backbone of the phospholipid shown to the right. 5. (2 pts) A transient lipid micro-domain containing sphingolipids and a sub-set of membrane proteins is called a ______________________. This structure is thought to represent a localized ___________________ in the plane of the membrane. 6. (2 pts) At a concentration of ~10 -6 mM in the cytoplasm and 2 mM on the outside of the cell, Ca 2+ has a much steeper electrochemical gradient than Na + , which is at 12 mM in the cytoplasm and 145 mM on the outside. List two reasons why Ca 2+ has the steeper electrochemical gradient. a) ____________________________________________________________________ . b) ____________________________________________________________________ .
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Name _________________________________ 2 7. (3 pts) TRPA1 in the hair cells of the inner ear is an example of a __________________________ gated ion channel. The other two ways to gate a channel are ___________________________________ gated and ___________________________ gated. 8. (2pts) List two properties that distinguish a carrier protein from a channel protein. a)_____________________________________________________. b)_____________________________________________________. 9. (3 pts) Briefly define critical concentration. Please do not use the terms k ON or k OFF . For a simple equilibrium polymer, the critical concentration is ____________________________________________________________________. 10. (3 pts) Straight from the problem set (again). The role of ___________________ hydrolysis by tubulin and ____________________ hydrolysis by actin is to promote rapid ______________________. 11. (4 pts) The ER is stretched out to the __________ ends of MTs by a ______________ motor protein. The Golgi apparatus is positioned close to the _______________ ends of MTs by a ______________ motor protein.
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Problem Set 1 F10 (2) - Name_ Fill in the blank style...

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