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Lecture 2.F10 - Neuroscience 106: Lecture 2: Foundations...

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Neuroscience 106: Lecture 2: Foundations through parts of the neuron ASSIGNMENT: In Bear et al. read Chapter 1 and study Chapter 2. TODAY'S LECTURE: INTRODUCTION AND THE NEURON I. What is Neuroscience? A. Neuroscience is the study of all aspects of all nervous systems. B. The term neuroscience is approximately equivalent to the term neurobiology. C. The goal of neuroscience is to understand every aspect of nervous system function from the molecular level up to the behavioral & cognitive levels. D. There are many subdisciplines of neuroscience and some of them are: 1. Neuroanatomy – study of the gross and microscopic anatomy of the nervous system (CBNS-116). 2. Neurophysiology - study of the electrical signaling of neurons (CBNS/PSYC-120). 3. Neurochemistry - study of how neurotransmitters are synthesized, released, and degraded. 4. Neuropharmacology - study of drug actions in the brain (CBNS/PSYC-125, PSYC 115). 5. Molecular neuroscience - study of gene actions as they relate to nervous system function. 6. Developmental neuroscience – study of the mechanisms involved in wiring the nervous system during development (CBNS/PSYC-121). 7. Systems neuroscience - study of neural circuits for sensory systems, behavior, emotions, cognition, and motor control (CBNS/PSYC-123, 124, 126, 127, BIOL-178; PSYC 112 & 115). 8. Cognitive neuroscience - the study of higher order functions (PSYC 117; PSYC-129). E. The real goal of neuroscience is to know the relationship between the subdivisions.
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Lecture 2.F10 - Neuroscience 106: Lecture 2: Foundations...

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