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Lecture 12.F10 - Neuroscience 106 Lecture 12 Retinal...

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Neuroscience 106: Lecture 12 - Retinal Processing and Outputs ANNOUNCEMENTS: From this point on, much of lecture material will not be found in the book, so it is particularly important that you come to class!!! TODAY'S LECTURE: The Visual System I. Mechanisms for the formation of an antagonistic surround A. The key mechanism in the formation of the antagonistic surround is the horizontal cell . B. The diagram below shows the role of a horizontal cell (HC) when light falls on a photoreceptor (PR) in a bipolar cell's (BP) and RGC’s surround: C. How does light falling on the center and surround of a BC or RGC receptive field produce antagonistic effects? Light in the surround of a bipolar cell's receptive field Responses when light shines to center of ON center receptive field. Responses to light onto surround of On center RF. BP HC RGC PR PR 1
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falling in the center. This is because of the horizontal cell’s synaptic connection between photoreceptors in the surround and photoreceptors in the center of a bipolar cell's and retinal ganglion cell’s receptive field. D. Figure 9.22 in Bear et al. is an excellent depiction of a single bipolar cell, with synaptic inputs from photoreceptors from its center, surround, and outside of its receptive field. II. What happens to the output from the retina? (Where do axons of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) go?) A. Below is a diagram illustrating general features of serial and parallel processing : The next diagram is an overview conception of the organization of the visual systems. Note that there is massive parallel and serial processing of the retinal output . Serial Processing
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Lecture 12.F10 - Neuroscience 106 Lecture 12 Retinal...

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