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List of Anatomical Terms.F10 - Cerebral peduncles - S Optic...

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LIST OF TERMS TO KNOW FOR PRACTICAL EXAM External Features (S= know structure, F= know function and structure) Spinal cord - S Medulla - F Pons - F Midbrain - F Superior Colliculus Inferior Colliculus Thalamus - F Hypothalamus - F Pituitary gland - F Meninges Dura Mater - F Pia Mater - F Arachnoid Mater - F Cerebrospinal fluid - F Cerebellum - F Cerebellar Vermis - S Cerebellar Hemispheres - S Cerebellar cortex - S Cerebellar Folia - S Cerebrum - F (neocortex) Cerebral hemispheres - S Cerebral lobes (Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, and Temporal) - S Medial Longitudinal Fissure - S Cerebral Cortex - S gyri and sulci - S grey matter - F white matter - F Myelin - F Rhinal Fissure - S Sylvian Fissure - S Piriform Lobe (Paleocortex) Ventral View Cranial Nerves (S, M, MX) (know what S, M, MX implies) I. Olfactory (S) II. Optic (S) III. Occulomotor (M) IV. Trochlear (M) V. Trigeminal (MX) VI. Abducens (M) VII. Facial (MX) VIII. Vestibulochoclear (S) IX . Glossopharyngeal (MX) X. Vagus (MX) XI. Spinal Acessory (M) XII. Hypoglossal (M)
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Unformatted text preview: Cerebral peduncles - S Optic chiasm - S Optic tract - S Olfactory bulbs - F Medial View Cerebellum - F Spinal cord - S Thalamus - F Medial View Cont’d Midbrain - F Pons - F Medulla - F Diencephalon (thalamus + hypothal.) - S Brain ventricles (lateral, third, fourth) - F choroid plexus - F Septum pellucidum - F Cerebral aqueduct - F Corpus callosum - F Central canal - S Pineal body - F Superior Colliculus - F Inferior Colliculus - F Coronal View (cross sections) Fibers of the Internal capsule - S Corona radiata - S Thalamus - F Medial Longitudinal fissure - S Corpus callosum - F Caudate nucleus - F Lateral ventricles - F Third ventricle - F Septum Pellucidum - F Hippocampus - F Hypothalamus - F Rhinal Fissure - S Piriform Lobe - S Spinal Cord - Know Figure on Pg. 30 of Atlas. NOTE: Some structures can be seen in multiple views and may be listed only once. You must be able to recognize structures in all views we have discussed....
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List of Anatomical Terms.F10 - Cerebral peduncles - S Optic...

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