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Practice Test 2C, Solutions - Name Student ID Physics 115A...

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Name: __________________________________________________ Student ID #: _________________________ Page 1 Physics 115A Autumn-2010 November 5, 2010 Practice Midterm Exam 2 PART ONE , Multiple choice Use scantron and pencil. Mark your answers on the exam for reference. Make sure that All pages have your name and student ID number!!! Five points for each correct answer in the multiple choice section. 1. When the gas enclosed beneath the piston shown in the figure receives 1930 J of heat, Q , from its surroundings, it performs 2250 J of work in raising the piston. What is the change in the internal energy of the gas? A) 320 J B) +320 J C) 4180 J D) +4180 J E) zero 2. A Carnot heat engine is to be designed with an efficiency of 85%. If the low temperature reservoir is 25 °C, what is the temperature of the "hot" reservoir? A) 45 °C B) 430 °C C) 850 °C D) 1300 °C E) 1700 °C 3. In an isothermal process, 945 J of heat is removed from a system and transferred to the surroundings. The temperature is 314 K. What is the change in entropy of the system? A) 3.01 J/K B) +3.01 J/K C) 0.332 J/K D) +0.332 J/K E) +2.97 10 5 J/K 4. Each of three objects has a net charge. Objects A and B attract one another. Objects B and C also attract one another, but objects A and C repel one another. Which one of the following table entries is a possible combination of the signs of the net charges on these three objects? A B C A) + + B) + + C) + D) + E) +
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Name: __________________________________________________ Student ID #: _________________________ Page 2 5. Three charges are positioned as indicated in the figure. What are the horizontal and vertical components of the net force exerted on the +15 μC charge by the +11 μC and +13 μC charges? horizontal vertical A) 95 N 310 N B) 76 N 310 N C) 250 N 130 N D) 95 N 130 N E) 76 N 370 N 6. The magnitude of the electric field at a distance of 10 meters from a negative point charge is
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Practice Test 2C, Solutions - Name Student ID Physics 115A...

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