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CIVL 311 Dr. Curt B. Haselton Strength of Materials Fall 2008 Page 1 of 4 CIVL 311 – Strength of Materials Fall 2008 Instructor: Dr. Curt B. Haselton, PhD, PE Office: Langdon 209F Phone: 898-5457 E-mail: Office hours: TBD A. Course Description and Objectives: The goal of this course is for you to develop a solid understanding of the behavior of structural elements (stress, strain, deformations, and buckling) under various loading conditions (bending, axial, shear, and torsion). These topics will build directly upon your previously acquired skills in mathematics, physics, and statics. The topics of this course are fundamental to your understanding of engineering; a firm grasp of these concepts is required for success in further engineering courses and professional practice. B. Course Information: Text: Mechanics of Materials , by Beer, Johnston, and DeWolf, Fourth Edition Prerequisites: CIVL 211 (C- or better) ***must have a solid understanding MECH 210 (concurrent) MATH 260 CIVL 110 Schedule: Section 01: MTWF 11:00-11:50, LANG 105 Section 02: MTWF 12:00-12:50, LANG 105 Grading: Three Midterm Exams 45% Cumulative Final Exam 35% Homework and Quizzes 20% Final Exam: Thursday, December 18 th 4:00-5:50, in THMA 108 Minimum Grade Requirement and Assessment: The Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments both require a C- or better to advance to the next course. This course is also used as part of the embedded assessment of the Civil Engineering program; a grade of C- or better meets the assessment requirement. Accreditation and Course Materials: Due to accreditation requirements, all class work may be collected at the end of the semester, so it is your responsibility to keep all complete assignments.
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CIVL 311 Dr. Curt B. Haselton Strength of Materials Fall 2008 Page 2 of 4 C. Homework Policy and Grading: Homework will generally be due at the beginning of class every Monday. Selected problems will be graded and returned the following week; solutions will then be posted. Late homework will not be accepted. Assignments must be completed professionally and legibly. Submissions must abide by the following guidelines, or the submission will not be graded and receive a score of zero : Include your name and the date in the upper-right corner. Use 8½”x11” engineering paper, and use one side only. Use a single staple in the upper-left corner. Start each problem on a new page (or place clear line between short problems).
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CIVL311_Syllabus_Haselton_2008_Fall - CIVL 311 Strength of...

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