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Course Specifications : Strength of Materials.2 Faculty of Engineering تﺎﻣﻮﻠﻌﻤﻟاو تﻻﺎﺼﺗﻻا ﺔﻴﻨﻘﺗ ﺰآﺮﻣ - ﻰﻓ ةرﻮﺼﻨﻤﻟا ﺔﻌﻣﺎﺟ ٢٢ / ٥ / ٢٠١٠ University :Mansoura University Faculty :Faculty of Engineering Department : Civil Engineering Department . 1- Course Data Course Code : STE8213Study Year : ﻰﻧﺪﻣ ﺔﻴﻧﺎﺛ on which the Programme(s) course is given : civil Engineering Teaching hours: Lecture : 4Tutorial : 4Practical : 0(hour/week) 2- Overall Aims of Course For students undertaking this course, the aims are to: 1 - Select appropriate building materials from the perspective of strength, durability, suitability of use to location, temperature, weather conditions and impacts of seawater and environment. 2 - Design and conduct experiments and analyze and interpret data. 3 - Design and construct concrete mixes. 3- Intended Learning Outcomes of Course (ILOS) a- Knowledge and Understanding On completing this course, students will be able to: a - 1 - Understand the basic principles of concrete materials, component, types, advantage and disadvantage.[1] a - 2 - Become informed about the concrete technology, standard specifications, quality control tests in both fresh and hardened cases.[1] a - 3 - Understand the basic principles and design methods of concrete mixes.[1-2-3] a - 4 - Demonstrate a knowledge of special types of concrete.[1] b- Intellectual Skills At the end of this course, the students will be able to: b - 1 - Using principles and concepts in choosing the appropriate types of concrete to construction projects.[1] b - 2 - Apply the basic concepts of experimental tests in evaluating the quality control of concrete.[1-2] b - 3 - Analyze the results of quality control test reports of concrete materials.[2-3] b - 4 - Using principles and concepts in design concrete mixes.[2-3] c- Professional and Practical Skills On completing this course, the students are expected to be able to: c-1- Develop the ability to analyze and design concrete mixes for all concrete types[2-3] c - 2 - Choose the suitable and appropriate concrete types for different construction projects.[1-2]
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c - 3 - Observe record and analyze data in laboratory as well as in the field [3] d- General and Transferable Skills At the end of this course, the students will be able to: d - 1 - Ability to search for information and adopt long - life self learning[2-3]. 4- Course Contents 1 Introduction of concrete types and materials [a1-b1] 2 Concrete technology[a2- b1] 3 Fresh Concrete properties and tests [a2- b2] 4 Destructive and non destructive tests of hardened concrete [a2- b2- b3- c3] 5 Concrete additives [a1- c3] 6 Concrete Mix design[ a3- b4 - c1-c2] 7 Special concrete [a4 - c2- c3] 8 Quality control [c3- d1] 5- Teaching and Learning Methods 5.1 - Lectures 5.2 - laboratory and classes 5.3 - Oral discussion 5.4 - Internet surveys and navigation 5.5 - Exercises and homework 5.6 - Field reports 6- Teaching and Learning Methods of Disables 6.1 - Lectures 6.2 - Oral discussion 6.3 - Internet surveys and navigation
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Course - Course Specifications Strength of Materials.2...

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