ijee1014 - Interesting Instructional Problems in Column...

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Unformatted text preview: Interesting Instructional Problems in Column Buckling for the Strength of Materials and Mechanics of Solids Courses* J. NEURINGER and I. ELISHAKOFF Department of Mechanical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991, USA. E-mail: [email protected] In this study the following problem is addressed: a uniform column is subjected to a compressive load; an additional support is placed to increase the buckling load. The following question is posed: where to place the support location so as to maximize and evaluate the resulting buckling load? It turns out that this question can be effectively dealt with in the standard courses of Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Solids, or Mechanics of Materials, since all the necessary tools needed are presently uniformly taught in these existing courses. Including this interesting case into the curriculum may enhance students’ grasp of the subject, sharpen their mind, and trigger an additional interest in the exciting subject of theoretical and applied mechanics. Topics covered in sections 1–3 can be taught in one or two 50-minute lectures, whereas the exposition of the entire material may take between two to three 50-minute lectures, depending on the interest of students. SUMMARY OF EDUCATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE PAPER 1. The paper discusses materials for a course in Strength of Materials and Mechanics of Solids. 2. Students of second-year Mechanical Engineer- ing, Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering and Aerospace Engineering are taught this course. 3. The mode of presentation is by lecture and is run as a regular course. 4. Hours required to cover the material is 4 to 5 with 2 to 3 revision hours. 5. The novel aspects presented in this paper hope- fully help to sharpen the minds of the students and increase interest in applied mechanics. 6. The standard text recommended for the course is Hibbeler, Mechanics of Materials [2]. 1. INTRODUCTION NATURALLY THERE IS a big gap between the exposition of the topic of buckling in the undergraduate textbooks devoted to Mechanics of Solids, Strength of Materials or Mechanics of Materials [1–5] and more specialized monographs, suitable for the elective or graduate courses [6–10]. The undergraduate textbooks invariably report buckling of uniform columns with various bound- ary conditions, whereas the advanced texts include numerous results of uniform or non-uniform columns, plates and shells, pertinent to engineering practice. Among other topics, specialized books report results on optimization of columns, plates and shells under buckling conditions [11, 12]. It appeared to the authors, that the motivation of the students can be enhanced, if some model problems can be included on more advanced topics in the undergraduate courses. This would provide students with some ‘raisins to look for’. As Budiansky and Hutchinson [13] note, ‘Everyone loves a buckling problem’. We propose some problems the solutions to which hopefully will enlarge the number of ‘buckling lovers,’ to include...
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ijee1014 - Interesting Instructional Problems in Column...

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