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© Kaplan AEC Education, 2008 1 Chapter 9 Strength of Materials LECTURE OUTLINE & NOTES STRENGTH OF MATERIALS, p. 273 Three primary aspects of problem solving in the mechanics of materials are: 1) analyzing the equilibrium of forces in the static state 2) finding the relationship of the applied forces to the deformation of a structure, and 3) determining the compatibility of those deformations with structural integrity. AXIALLY LOADED MEMBERS, p. 274 A member under axial force will typically first deform in a linear relationship between stress and strain; beyond a yield point strain will increase greatly and unloading may not restore the original form (figures and formulas pp. 274-275). Modulus of Elasticity At stresses below the yield point, the ratio of stress to strain is called the modulus of elasticity; the product of the load and the original length of a member divided by the product of the area under load and the modulus of elasticity is the change in length (formulas p. 275). Poisson’s Ratio A member under tension will elongate along its axis and contract in the lateral dimensions; the ratio of lateral strain to longitudinal strain is Poisson’s ratio (formula p. 278). Thermal Deformations Thermal strain equals the product of the linear coefficient of thermal expansion and the change in temperature; total strain is the sum of thermal strain and the strain from applied loads, and total deformation is the sum of thermal deformation and applied force deformations (formulas p. 279). Variable Load Where load is a function of the length of the member, deformation varies continuously with change in length (formulas p. 280). THIN-WALLED CYLINDER, p. 280
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Lecture Outline & Notes - Chapter 9 Strength of...

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