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Composite Materials 61 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology COMPOSITE MATERIALS Introduction Composite materials are polymers that have been reinforced with organic or in-organic Fber materials ( Fiber-reinforced polymers, FRPs ). The principal advantage of these materials is the very high strength-to- weight ratio, which makes them attractive in aircrafts, spacecrafts, cars, boats, and sport equipment. Gates-Piaggio aircraft is an example of the use of composite materials in aircraft industry Starting materials ±iber-reinforced polymers consist of two components, polymer matrix and reinforced phase . They are produced separately before being combined to make the composite part. Polymer matrix Reinforced phase Structure of a Fber-reinforced composite material Thermoplastics, thermosets or elastomers are used for the polymer matrix . Thermosetting polymers are the most common matrix materials, especially epoxies. Reinforcing components are ±bers , cloth ( fabrics ), and mat of glass, boron, carbon (graphite), polymers. Thread Fiber Cloth Mat Materials used as reinforcing phase in Fber-reinforced composite materials
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Composite Materials 62 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology Fibers are used in some fabrication processes in a continuous form, known as
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ME364_various_composites - Valery Marinov Manufacturing...

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