mech3_2 - CLASS : S.E. (Mechanical) SUBJECT STRENGTH OF...

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CLASS : S.E. (Mechanical) Semester - III SUBJECT – STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Lecture 04 Practicals 02 Periods Per Week 1 Period of 60 Min. Tutorials ------- Hours Marks Theory Examination 03 100 Practical 02 25 Oral Examination ----- 25 Term Work ----- 25 Evaluation System TOTAL 175 MODULE 01 STRESS AND STRAIN : 08 Hrs Definition , Stress- strain, tensile & compressive stresses, shear stress-Elastic limit, Hooke’s Law Poission’ Ratio, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity, bulk modulus, yield stress, ultimate stress, factor of safety, state of simple shear, relation between elastic constants, Volumetric Strain, Volumetric strain for tri-axial loading, Deformation of tapering members, Deformation due to self weight, bars of varying sections, composite sections, temperature. stress. MODULE 02 SHEAR FORCE AND BENDING MOMENT IN BEAMS : 08 Hrs Axial force, shear force and bending moment diagrams for statically determinate beams including beams with internal hinges for different types of loading, relationship between rates of loading, shear force & bending moment. MODULE 03 STRESSES IN BEAMS :- 08 Hrs Theory of pure Bending, Assumptions, Flexural formula for straight beams, moment of resistance, bending stress distribution, Section moduli for different sections, beams for uniform strength, Flitched beams, Principle axes, Principle moment of inertia
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mech3_2 - CLASS : S.E. (Mechanical) SUBJECT STRENGTH OF...

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