MSE73220SyllabusS05 - MSE 732/AM 732 FRACTURE MATERIALS...

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MSE 732/AM 732 FRACTURE MECHANICS OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS Department of Materials Science and Engineering Spring, 2005 PROFESSOR : Richard P. Gangloff Materials Science Building Room 119 Phone: 434-982-5782 FAX: 434-982-5660 E-Mail: Internet: OFFICE/TELEPHONE HOURS : Open door/e-mail OBJECTIVE : The objective of this course is to develop the tools necessary for fracture control through defect tolerant performance prediction and condition monitoring, optimization of alloy cracking resistance by microstructural means, laboratory experimentation, and fracture mechanism research. Continuum fracture mechanics principles are first presented, including classic elasticity and modern elastic-plastic considerations. Fracture modes in high performance structural alloys are then discussed from the interdisciplinary perspective of crack tip mechanics coupled with the materials science of microscopic plastic deformation and fracture mechanisms. Ductile fracture, intergranular cracking, and environmental cracking phenomena are included, with emphasis on micromechanical modeling to predict macroscopic properties. Fatigue is not discussed in this offering of the course, but the deformation and fracture behavior of novel nanocrystalline and amorphous metals, as well as environmental effects, are highlighted. MSE 732 is relevant to engineering applications and scientific research, and emphasizes monolithic structural metals with an overriding materials science focus. PREREQUISITES : MSE 532 or MSE 731, or an equivalent graduate course in deformation and fracture (for Materials Science and Engineering graduate students), or two courses on the structure, properties and mechanics of materials (for Applied Mechanics Program students). Students who do not meet these prerequisites must obtain the consent of the instructor. INTERNET SITE : Homework assignments, examinations, and a complete set of course notes will be posted on the class homepage within the UVa Instructional Toolkit at: Material can be downloaded as PDF files in Adobe Reader and printed for reference. : Post questions on course content to the password protected class e-mail list ( ). Students should participate in discussion by responding with amplifications and answers to such questions. All discussion is archived on the course web site. GRADING
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MSE73220SyllabusS05 - MSE 732/AM 732 FRACTURE MATERIALS...

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