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PC101 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS CREDITS: 5 (L = 4, P = 2) 1. PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF STRUCTURAL MATERIALS: Axial, bending and torsional loading; Tension, compression, shear, hardness, fatigue, stiffness, etc.; Relevant Laboratory tests. 2. BENDING OF BEAMS: Limitations and basic assumptions; The flexural formula, Moment of inertia of sections; Application to symmetrical, unsymmetrical and composite sections, Shear stress, Distribution across beam sections. 3. DEFLECTION OF BEAMS: Strain - curvature and moment - curvature relations; Differential equation for deflection of elastic beams; Different methods for determining slope and deflection. 4. TORSION: Basic assumptions; Torsion formula; Design of circular sections; Angle of twist; Shearing stress; Deformation; Closed coiled helical springs. 5. COLUMNS AND STRUTS: Short columns subjected to axial forces and bending moments; Engineering problems; Long Columns; Stability and equilibrium; Euler formula and its limitations; Rankine formula; Indian Standard formula; Criteria for design of columns.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. ANALYSIS OF PLANE STRESS AND STRAIN: Equations for the transformation of plane stress and strain; Principal stresses. Maximum shearing stresses and their planes; Mohr’s circles of stress and strain; Theories of failure. 7. STRUCTURAL CONNECTIONS: Riveted, bolted and welded connections; Methods of failure of connection; Eccentric riveted, bolted and welded connections; Design requirements. 8. THE ENERGY METHODS: Elastic strain energy; Resilience for uniaxial stress, pure bending and shearing stresses; Deflection by Energy method; Impact loads; Virtual work method for deflections. 9. THIN CYLINDERS: Thin cylinders and thin spherical vessels under pressure; Applications. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. S. B. Junnarkar and H. J. Shah Mechanics of Structures - Vol.1 Charotar Publishing House 2. R. S. Khurmi Strength of Materials S Chand and Co. 3. S. Ramamrutham Strength of Materials Dhanpatrai and Sons....
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