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FALL 2010 CE 515: Advanced Strength of Materials (Campus Class Room Daniels 327, 4:30-5:45 pm) Instructor: T a s n i m H a s s a n Office: Mann Hall 419 Office Hours: WTh 2:00-3:00 pm for Distance Education Students WTh 3:00-4:00 pm for Campus Students Please make appointment for other times Phone: 515-8123 E-mail: Prerequisite : An undergraduate course on Mechanics of Solids or Strength of Materials Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Analyze stresses and strain at a point: transform stresses and strains, determine principal stresses and strains, principal directions for 3D problems, and analyze strain rosette data. 2. Use elastic constitutive equations for establishing relationship between 3D stresses and strains. 3. Use approximate theories of strength of materials for analysis of stresses and strains of open and closed thin-walled sections subjected to torsion and unsymmetric bending. 4. Analyze curved beam, beams on elastic foundation, shear deformation of beams, and stress concentration problems. 5. Perform failure analysis using classical plasticity theory and fracture mechanics. This course essentially bridges the gap between elementary strength of materials and more advanced courses in structural analysis and structural mechanics; provides background in the classical theory of elasticity (mathematical stress analysis) and approximate theories of structural analysis (engineering stress analysis; strength of materials); establishes the relationship between the simplified and more general theories; enriches skill for interpretation of analysis results. Topics and No. of Lectures (See Lecture Schedule later): 1. Introduction, review of undergraduate strength of materials – 1.5 lectures 2. Fundamentals of stress, strain and deformation – 4 lectures 3. Isotropic and anisotropic linear elastic stress-strain relations – 1.5 lectures 4. St. Venant’s Classical Theory of Torsion: non-circular bars, thin-walled open sections, thin- walled single-cell tubes, multi-cell thin-walled tubes – 4 lectures 5. Unsymmetric bending and transverse shear; shear flow and shear center in thin-walled sections - 3 lectures 6. Curved Beams -1.5 lectures 7. Pressurized cylinder, plates with circular holes – 1 lectures
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Syllabus-CE715-Fall 2010 - FALL 2010 CE 515: Advanced...

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