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CSE140: Bonus Take-Home Final Questions Due to via email by the end of CSE140 final exam period Maximum 1% bonus to your final grade Note: This is an individual assignment; do not discuss this with anybody from class. The C code given below calculates the number of times the value b is found within an array A consisting of 256 8-bit values. For this code complete the following questions: 1. Convert C code into a high-level finite state machine. 2. Create the datapath for part 1. 3. Connect the datapath to the controller, label all signals. 4. Design the controller FSM. Create a state table showing inputs, current/next state, and outputs. 5. Minimize the FSM. List the maximal class of compatibility, and prove that a new set of states you choose satisfy the covering and closure conditions. 6. Use minimum bit change heuristic to encode the states resulting from part 5. 7. Implement the controller using T-FFs and the state encoding from part 6. 8.
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