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Unformatted text preview: da, PacMan, Katamari Damacy, Liple Big Planet, Radiant Silvergun –  Music and artwork style combine to create an overall tone, or mood, for a game –  Done well, this substanDally enhances the overall gameplay experience UC Santa Cruz Computer Science – Game Design Finding/Making Sounds •  Where can you find music to use in your game? –  Reminder: there is this legal framework called Copyright Law –  CreaDve Commons: use licenses that may allow free, non ­commercial use •  hpp://creaDvecommons.org/ •  hpp://archive.org •  Sites with CreaDve Commons licensed music –  New Grounds, Jamendo •  hpp://www.newgrounds.com/audio/ •  hpp://www.jamendo.com/en/creaDvecommons/ •  Look for “ApribuDon, Non ­commercial” –  “No DerivaDve Works” is OK, so long as you don’t modify •  If you use in your game, make sure you provide apribuDon –  Put name of arDst in your game (About page, splash screen, etc.) –  Is polite to send them an email telling them about the use—will make them jazzed UC Santa Cruz Computer Science – Game Design Finding/Making Sounds (cont’d) •  Find someone to create music for you –  Music student at UCSC, for example –  One team has already put up announcements for a music person •  It has never been cheaper to create high quality music –  Instruments, microphones, mixing...
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