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CMPS 80S Spring 2010 From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship Homework 1: Due Wednesday, March 31 1. Introduction Card: 1. Create 100 copies of introduction card that you will hand over to your fellow classmates on Wed, March 31 and Monday, April 5. The introduction card must include the following information: A. Name B. An email address C. Best way to contact you D. Any major scheduling constraint for team meetings E. Color Characteristic (discussed in the class) Your True Color: Top 1 or 2 colors (you may list all 4 colors listed in decreasing order, if they are all about equal) F. One to three characteristics you consider to be most relevant to the class. Examples include but not limited to “artist, interested in social causes, want to make a lot of money, I have this great idea, web designer/programmer, my aunt own this most cool business”. Try to make it unique! 2. Stakeholders and Persona Creation: Due Wednesday, March 31
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