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CMPS 80S 2010 Spring From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship Homework 4 (Due Monday, April 12 on or before the beginning of the class) 1. Group Activity: Problem/Stakeholders/Persona/Innovative Solutions As a group, A. Define the Problem B. Create a List of 7+ Stakeholder Categories C. Persona Creation -- Identify a group member, willing to be the lead as a stakeholder -- Brainstorm a persona within a stakeholder category D. Brainstorm innovative solution (s) for the problem from the persona’s perspective. E. Group Communication on moodle (one per group) List the problem as “topic”. Include the stakeholders’ list categories inside the forum. Write the lead member name against the stakeholder category. F. Individual Communication on moodle (per student) List the problem and the stakeholder category as topic, for example, “Childhood Obesity + Teacher”. Inside the forum, present a brief overview of persona (2-3 lines) Inside the forum, present a brief overview of innovative solutions (3-5 lines). G. Individual Communication in class on April 12
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