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HW5 - brief description of the product/service and pricing...

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CMPS 80S 2010 Spring From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship Homework 5 (Due Wednesday, April 14 on or before the beginning of the class) 1. Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid A. Read the article on the moodle. B. Attempt to identify (perhaps using internet) some product or service that you consider is valuable for people at the bottom of the pyramid and has been designed or is already in production or alternatively, has been proposed by “social entrepreneurs”. C. Participate on the moodle (Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid) as follows: If you are able to identify a product or service as outlines in B above, then List the topic as “Company Name + Product Name”, for example, “Tata+Nano Car (in India)” or “Godrej+Refrigerator (in India)” or some variation such as “Designer Name/ Entrepreneur Name + Product/Service Name”. Inside the forum, porivde a clickable link where one can find more information on this product/service and add a
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Unformatted text preview: brief description of the product/service and pricing. If you are NOT able to identify a product or service as outlined in B above, then IMAGINE a product/service that YOU (or someone like you) could create that will be valuable to people at the bottom of the pyramid. One possible place to look for ideas is “March Madness for the Mind”: http://nciia.org/network/conference/2010/mmm (This site has 17 products designed by students. These products were selected from an annual national competition and were recently showcased at the Exploratorium, San Francisco). Then, list the topic as “Your last name + Product/service name (that reflects the nature of the product or service)” and then within the forum, provide a brief description of the service/product that you would like to create and FOR WHOM....
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