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CMPS 80S 2010 Spring From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship Homework 7 (Due Wednesday, April 21 on or before the beginning of the class) 1. Co-Creation A. Read the article on the moodle. B. Think about the problem/need/demand that you worked on over the last weekend and the product/service you created. Attempt to identify specific individuals whom you could approach and have a good chance to succeed in co-creating the product/service you created. C. Participate on the moodle (Co-Creation) as follows: List the topic as “Problem/Need/Demand + Product Name”, for example, “Child Obesity+Weight-Reducing Video game”. Inside the forum, list the stakeholder category, the name and title of the individual (you can use a fictitious name for now but list this name ONLY if you really know somebody), relationship with the individual (or how do you know him/her), whether
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Unformatted text preview: you expect to approach in person or on phone, and a list of 3 key questions/steps (beyond the necessary pleasantries) you would take to seek assistance in co-creation. Perform this exercise with at least 3 stakeholder categories. If you cannot think of anybody, consider the closest proxy for that person (stakeholder) and state that it is a proxy. An example would be: Stakeholder is obese child’s mother, name is Mary Johnson, Family friend who has an obese daughter, expect to meet in person, questions to ask: 1. What methods you are currently using to deal with this problem? 2. What product/service, if available in the market, would be of most value to you, in dealing with this problem, and 3. I have been thinking of launching this product/service and what are your views about the value of this product/service to you?...
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