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CMPS 80S 2010 Spring From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship Homework 8 3+ Innovative Ideas on Moodle (Due Monday, April 26, 5:00pm) Create 3 innovative ideas for social entrepreneurship. Describe the idea as simply and clearly as possible. For each idea, you must include the following information: A. Title B. Slogan/Mission C. Need/Problem/Demand D. Solution (Product/Service) E. Describe the skill set needed to launch this product for 3 “founding members”
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Unformatted text preview: including yourself. You may provide additional description, but preferably no more than 100 words. Examples are on the moodle website. Please bring a hard copy printout of your submission in class on Monday, April 26 AND Please upload the same document on moodle. Class Presentation (Between April 26 and April 28) You may be asked to make a 1-3 minute presentation in the class on one of your innovative ideas....
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